Death Valley

The deepest. The hottest. The driest. The darkest. Death Valley is a true land of extremes, with the hottest temperature recording of any place on the planet, 134 °F (56.7 °C), and the lowest point in the US at 279 feet below sea level, but perhaps the most overstated feature you'll notice about Death Valley is its beauty.


ONe of the Darkest places, With some of the least light pollution in the country, Death Valley offers truly remarkable stargazing: Bring a red-light headlamp and a star map.


Transitions in the desert are striking. A land of light, the open spaces change with the hour.


The vast, empty landscapes are nearly as mysterious as the night sky, And there are countless opportunities to explore on and off trail.


Dunes are scattered across the valley floors. some of them are absolutely massive and numerous: There's Mesquite Flat, Eureka, Saline Valley, Panamint & Ibex to name a few.


Much of Death Valley requires a 4x4 to access, as the roads through the park are rugged and unmaintained. If you're looking for true overland adventure, it's here.


Discovery awaits around every turn, be it on the road or in the canyon.


Add Professional Guidance to your trip through the Park, with overland expert, Todd Rogers, of Four Points Adventures.


Todd Rogers, founder and leading overland guide at Four Points Adventures, has a lifetime of experience exploring the western deserts and backcountry. Through our partnership, we are delighted to offer guided overland adventures within Death Valley National Park, allowing you to access the remote beauty of the park with the added security of a guide.

Next Available Trip: April 7th-10th - Contact us directly to inquire.

Todd's career as a professional photographer has fueled his desire for the outdoors. He is always on the lookout for that "perfect shot" in the vast landscapes he travels. And as a former 10 year member of a local sheriff's Mountain Search & Rescue Team, he has had plenty of opportunity to hone his medical and navigation skills. We a delighted to offer this service to our clients and couldn't have a better guide to help you explore the open and remote Death Valley backcountry with trusted, professional leadership. 


Contact us to learn more about of guided offerings or to inquire about trips through Death Valley. - 415-993-2101