Big Sur Needs You


Planning on visiting Big Sur’s most beloved backcountry campsites this year? Well they sure could use your help. With increased use and a slim resource budget, the roads are increasingly deteriorating. That’s where your help is crucial.

The local community living along South Coast Ridge, Prewitt, and Alms wants to make sure both visitors and locals alike are able to use these public lands safely for years to come. Currently the roads have numerous washouts, deep ruts, and mud prone, inclines that if not driven with care can cause real problems for drivers.

Big Sur - San Martin Top (7) (1).jpg

Even 4-wheel drive vehicles may soon find stretches impassible, so if you love camping here or hope to in the future, please consider donating to the Big Sur Road Restoration - Go Fund Me linked below.

Public access requires public support. Giving a little goes a long way and may help you avoid that $1500 tow charge should you find yourself caught out on one of these roads, so please consider donating through the link below.

Thanks for your help!

- The Pacific Overlander Team