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Fly in and Drive–or Ride - The resource guide to self-drive adventures around the world.

In the 2014 Fall Issue we broached the topic of self-drive travel in foreign lands. While most of us dream of motoring across Africa’s Kalahari or the Outback of Australia, the planning and logistics of such an adventure can be quite daunting. Shipping your personal vehicle makes sense if you are planning on a yearlong sabbatical, but for those of us with limited time, hiring a four-wheel drive or dual-sport motorcycle is a prudent option. Sourcing your steed in-country is more economical and eliminates the hassles and paperwork of importation, as well as the long shipping times that will bookend your trip. For this insertion of Fly in and Drive we are reviewing hire companies on seven continents that can put your tires to dirt (or ice) as quickly as you can check through customs and pick up the keys.

While there are hundreds of companies offering these services, as is the case with all industries, a flashy website does not always ensure a great product. For this reason, we are featuring companies that our staff, trusted contributors, or friends have personally used. We’ve reached out to adventure gurus Lois Pryce, Bill Dragoo, and Sam Watson, as well as our co-founder, Jonathan Hanson, and his wife, Roseanne, of Overland Expo fame. I also checked with the editors of international publications I work with in Australia, South Africa, and Europe, as their local knowledge can’t be beat. Additionally, we’ve included some core subjects you will want to consider when planning the “Big Trip.”

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CARVE Magazine's 2017 Campervan Guide

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Ready for an overland surf trip? Find the perfect rental with Carve Magazine's curated list featuring Pacific Overlander, our Friends at Nomad America in Costa Rica, and many more... 

Once there was only one way to do surf trips. You got in your van, or whatever vehicle you could afford, chucked in a board, wetty and sleeping bag and hit the road. Adventure and misadventures came thick and fast, as did parties with the local crews and fellow travellers, new friends, crazy dawn empty sessions, car park banter, sunset beers and hush hush tips to secret spots. 

In these days of increased airline connectivity and cheap flights most surfers miss the delights of the road trips preferring quick flight and apartments to long stretches of road. Until now.
A new group of surfing entrepreneurs realised there is a gap in the market for those wanting to escape tourist hot spots, crowds and get back to the quintessential surf trip. Now you can fly into amazing destinations, pick up a camper van and explore. It is by far the best way to see a country and score epic sessions. Check out the following pages, and dream of what could be…

Camping and Cooking in Canyon Land

No reservations needed, just the right ingredients for the perfect road trip.

The sky's the limit when it comes to adventure throughout the Southwest, so it's always helpful to have a few suggestions for ideal overnights, attractions, and camp-meals. Follow @asideofsweet as they explore the free-camping options and culinary delights of life on the (dirt) road through California, Arizona, and Utah. 

We Keep it Wild

Venture Into the Wilds and Help Keep Them That Way

On April 22, 100% of vehicle rental proceeds at Pacific Overlander will be donated to The Conservation Alliance. Reserve your Earth Day getaway and help protect the places we cherish.

As a proud member of The Conservation Alliance, we are committed to making sure that the wilds stay wild, and in this effort, we direct a portion of our proceeds towards conservation. Through their network of grassroots environmental organizations and community based campaigns, The Conservation Alliance has protected nearly 50 million acres of wildlands; 2,991 miles of rivers; stopped or removed 29 dams; designated five marine reserves; and purchased 12 climbing areas. Your reservations with us on Earth Day will directly support this legacy and help to protect and restore America’s wild places.

Book a trip this Earth Day and we’ll automatically donate 100% of your booking fees to The Conservation Alliance. Together, our stewardship will help insure that future generations of overland travellers have something worth driving to. #WeKeepItWild

Bon Pacifique

A Season of Surf on California's Northern Beaches

Facing due West, San Francisco's Ocean Beach receives no small share of the North Pacific's winter-time energy. With over three miles of beach peaks, ample swell, and consistent off-shore winds when in season, the beach should be on every surfer's bucket list. If planning a surf trip down the coast, make sure to ask us for a tip or two on scoring waves at SF's crown jewel. Video by Nash Howe (@hashowe).