Pacific Overlander was founded with a desire to share the wild splendor of our region and the unique pleasure of overland travel with visitors and locals alike. 

We know that your time off is precious, which is why we are dedicated to customer service and providing our clients with the most capable and reliable vehicle platforms, insuring you the type of experiences you work so hard to enjoy.  We're thrilled to know that we can get you outside and help you stay there longer.

Our love of the outdoors came from hiking, climbing, and surfing. Remote landscapes and empty lineups called us to explore and along the way we rented a lot of vehicles. On a surf trip through Chile in 2015, parked above a remote point break, huddling in our camper van rental, we knew there was a better way to do things. Not long after our trip the seed had been planted and was ready to grow. With so many great options available in Africa, Australia, and around the world, it was time to offer a better rental in America, an overland rental.

A few years and a lot of ‘R&D’ later, we pride ourselves in knowing that we offer the highest quality product in the market, with expanded offerings in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and the Western US. If the wilds call you, as they do us, then we invite you to explore with us.

We've Partner with the best to bring you the best