Early morning with our Land Rover Defender overlooking Big Sur's south coast.

Pacific Overlander was founded with a desire to share the wild splendor of our region and the unique pleasure of overland travel with visitors and locals alike. 

We realize that your time off is precious, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with personalized itineraries and the most reliable platforms to insure you the type of experiences you work so hard to enjoy.  

Located in San Francisco, we are blessed to enjoy not only a world-class city, but also access to some of the world's best outdoor activities: SF truly is the central hub to both the Pacific Coast and Western States, with endless possibilities to explore. 

Whether it's a hike or a multi-pitch climb in the Yosemite Valley, elk viewing and empty waves along California's "Lost Coast," single track trails through the Los Padres Mountains, or fresh tracks overlooking Lake Tahoe, Pacific Overlander will get you there.

about the Founder

Mason Schreck is an avid surfer and San Francisco native. As a third generation Californian, he and his family have seen the rapid development of much of the Bay Area and the simultaneous emergence of the state's conservation ethic. Environmental stewardship is as much a part of participating in nature as hiking, camping, or fishing, which is in part why Mason founded Pacific Overlander.

He sees Pacific Overlander as directly addressing a key environmental issue: daily use of heavy, gas consuming vehicles negatively impacts our environment. While driving 4x4s on a daily basis is no way to show our commitment to preservation, having access to natural places is critical to our wellbeing, both personally and globally. As John Muir puts it, "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." Allowing others the opportunity to connect to those wild places both within nature and themselves has been a guiding principle for Mason that continues today through Pacific Overlander.

Pacific Overlander is a member of  The Conservation Alliance and 1% For the Planet, who help us donate a portion of our annual revenues to conservation efforts and environmental protection.

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