Terms & Conditions


The following is a summary of the rental conditions for Pacific Overlander. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Driver's License & Minimum Age

Drivers must be 24 years of age or over. A current and full motor vehicle driver’s license is required. If the driver’s license is not in the English language, then an international driver’s license is also required. The driver’s license must have been held for at least one year prior to the rental period and be valid for the whole length of the rental. The original driver’s license must be shown at time of pick-up with the driver present. Proof of insurance is required prior to vehicle pick up. Additional drivers must be approved and listed on the rental agreement to drive the rental vehicle.

Driving Restrictions

We do not allow renters to travel outside of the US into Canada or Mexico. While these rentals may be used on unsealed dirt roads they are not intended to be used for "rock-crawling" or in designated or undesignated off-road areas and on closed roads (excluding country and state maintained roads), as such the use of our vehicles in these applications and settings is off limits. If you travel in a restricted area you’ll be liable for all damages to vehicle, tires, windshield, and towing charges along with additional expenses of a breakdown or accident. Additionally, Burning Man is off limits due to limited road side assistance and the wear-and-tear encountered by vehicles in this setting. Of course, the consumption of alcohol while operating any vehicle is prohibited.

Pick-up & Drop-off

  • Pacific Overlander operates 8:00am – 6:00pm, 7 days per week. 
  • Vehicle pick-up and drop-off must occur within office hours.
  • A $25 fee is assessed for pick-up or drop-off outside of the designated office hours. 
  • No refunds will be offered for late pick-ups or early drop-offs.
  • If you are concerned about missing a prearranged pick-up or drop-off time, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Reservation Deposit

  • A reservation deposit of $200 is required to confirm your booking.
  • Upon pick-up this deposit will be credited toward your rental balance.


  • No cancellation fee applies up to 30 days prior to the pick-up date and a full refund of the deposit will be made
  • Cancellations within 30 days of pick-up will be assessed a $200 fee
  • If cancelled within 7 days of pick-up - 50% of the rental cost will apply
  • No Show Policy: If cancelled on the day of pick-up or no show - 100% of the rental cost will apply
  • No refunds can be given for early returns.
  • All fees associated with "one-way" rentals are final and nonrefundable regardless of cancellation. 
  • All cancellations must be submitted in writing to Pacific Overlander.

Rental Period

  • Our minimum rental period is 3 days.
  • Our maximum rental period is 30 days.
  • Please contact us to discuss any rental requests outside of this minimum/maximum rental period. 


Please inquire about our current daily rates, as rates are subject to change due to seasonal demand. 

  • Rentals are assessed on a daily basis, by the calendar day, and not on an hourly basis.
  • All rentals come standard with 150 miles per day.
  • An additional 100 miles/day may be purchased for $30.00/day (not available as single supplements and must be purchased prior to vehicle pick-up).
  • Without the pre-purchase of additional miles, overages will be assessed at $.50/mile upon return.


  • All transactions are conducted in US Dollars ($US).
  • Refunded amounts could vary from the amount of the initial deposit charged to your card, as exchange rates are changeable: Please note that we do not accept any liability for this variance.
  • Refunds by credit card may take up to 15 business days depending on the renter's financial institution.
  • Rates are calculated on a per day basis. 


  • We accept credit and debit cards for rental charges and purchase made though our website. 
  • We do not accept cash or personal checks.


  • All foreign divers are required to have a valid driver's license from your home country and an international driver's license if the foreign license is not printed in English.
  • Foreign drivers are also required to provide proof of full supplemental auto coverage prior to pick-up.
  • For more information on license and insurance requirements please contact us directly at info@pacificoverlander.com or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Comprehensive and Collision Insurance is available for purchase from Pacific Overlander when requested.

Additional Equipment

  • All equipment provided (tent, cooler/fridge, stove, cookware, etc.) is the responsibility of the client to maintain during the duration of the rental. You authorize us to charge all replacement costs to the credit/debit card for any rental equipment returned damaged or broken.
  • Additional equipment is subject to availability and any failure of Pacific Overlander to provide this equipment does not allow the cancellation terms to be void.
  • Rental requests for additional equipment cannot be cancelled on the day of pick-up and must be paid for.


  • If an accident occurs, contact us as soon as possible, and we will work to get you back to enjoying your trip as fast as possible.
  • We do require that you gather information from the other party (license, insurance, and contact information).
  • You may need to file a police report if there are extensive damages (in excess of a $1000 or resulting in injury). 


  • All Pacific Overlander rentals come with roadside assistance throughout the continental United States. In the event of mechanical issues, please contact us immediately so we can become aware of the situation.
  • Our goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible. However, if your vehicle is unavailable overnight due to being held at a repair shop, you will be refunded for that night’s rental.
  • If possible, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle if one is available. In the unlikely event that the vehicle cannot be fixed or replaced, we will refund the remaining days of the rental agreement and assist you in reaching the nearest destination


While we recognize that driving conditions can at times be unpredictable, you are required to protect the vehicle against inclement weather and other road hazards. Failure to do so will result in damages due to the customer. While our fleet comes equipped with snow tires, we advise you to use your best judgement and only travel when you are comfortable in your abilities to handle winter driving conditions. Below are a list of further responsibilities and considerations.

  • Protect the vehicles paint from "pin-striping," which occurs when traveling in areas with overgrown vegetation and brush. Excessive damage will result in a detailing fee of $150. 
  • Use the correct fuel on the given vehicle at all times. 
  • Return both vehicle and equipment in a clean and respectable state. If returned in a state requiring excessive cleaning (i.e. covered in mud, dirt, dust etc.) a cleaning fee of $150 will be assessed.
  • We replace and change tires on a regular basis due to wear and tear. All other damages incurred to the tires/wheels is the customer's responsibility.
  • Any new damage to the windshield is the responsibility of the renter.


  • Vehicles must be collected and returned to our predesignated pick-up and drop-off location (no airport returns are permitted).
  • Failure to return to our designated location may result in a relocation fee being charged of up to $500.00.
  • Airport pick-up (SFO) is available for a fee of $50.
  • One-way rentals are determined on a case by case basis and often incur an additional charge, please contact us for details. 


  • Smoking inside our vehicles is not permitted.
  • Evidence of smoking will incur a $500 cleaning fee and be assessed to the renter’s credit card upon return of the vehicle.


  • Dogs (1 max) are permitted with prior approval and require a $50 pet cleaning fee.
  • A $100 fee will be assessed if there is evidence of an unapproved pet in the vehicle.

Citations & Tolls

  • If we are notified by authorities that we may be responsible for payment of a Citation, a $50 processing fee will be charged for each such notification.
  • If we pay any one of the Citations, you authorize us to charge all such payments and all processing fees to the credit/debit card you used to pay for this rental.
  • If Toll Fees are incurred during the rental period, you authorize us to charge all such payments to the credit/debit card you used to pay for this rental without incurring additional processing fees.


  • On pick up of the vehicle our staff will provide a complimentary vehicle consultation. This includes an explanation of all the interior and exterior features of the vehicle as well as driving tips.

Valid August 1st 2017 - July 31st 2018